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June 9, 1963. Happy Birthday Johnny Awesome Depp (51)


Johnny Depp as Wade Walker in Cry-Baby (1990)


 Johnny Depp attend Spike TV’s 'Don Rickles: One Night Only' in NYC (May 6).

I don’t speak French at all, but I can say “The peanut is in my belly button” in French. I think it’s good to learn absurd things in different languages. If I meet someone who barely speaks English, I love to teach them the most obtuse things, like “Eat my shorts.” In German I can say, “My father’s a bullfighter” and “I am a watermelon.” That stuff amuses me. —Johnny Depp (via deepblueday)


Johnny Depp hits the red carpet at the premiere of Transcendence (April 10)

“I feel calmer. You know less, well not less weirdness but less rage, maybe. You know, that kind of stuff. Less drama. Far less drama. Ya it feels good. You definitely feel like you’ve earned your stripes and you’re a little bit wiser having been predominantly ignorant for the majority of your life.”- Johnny Depp (on turning 50)